About Us

We know what sports means in your daily life —Climbing and other sports can be a great way to improve your fitness, improve your self-confidence and lose weight. And we know what music means, too. The music prevents monotony and curbs outside distraction to keep you focused. The rhythm that fuels your sport. And this is why creating the best wireless speaker is our passion.


We design our bluetooth speaker to merge motion and music, because they are better together. The most preferred type of speakers are wireless speakers which have a lot of advantages. What can be better than a comfortable climb or run? This is what you will have when there are no cables and wires tangling in your body. With your favorite music playing, your work out gets more interesting and intense. There are even noise cancellation bluetooth speakers and take speakers that you can try while climbing or running.


Many bluetooth speaker are even specifically designed for fitness use, boasting sweat-proofing, rugged casings, and internal batteries that outlast even the most insane workouts.